July 2017

In between summer vacations, I'm reminded that I enjoy keeping this record of what's going on. Also, several family members who don't see us often reminded me that they enjoy reading my blog. So here's another catch up post to help start getting back on track.

This year Elmer turned 5. He has graduated from Kinder Readiness and will be starting kindergarten in...my goodness...4 weeks! He loves to read and and getting so good at reading on his own. Some of his current favorite books are the My Father's Dragon trilogy (the 2nd book of which is called "Elmer and the Dragon" which was a serendipitous find!), The Little House books, and any book about space. This boy loves learning about space! When he graduated pre-school, he said he wanted to be a space scientist when he grows up.
He loves reading books about the solar system and about planets, and much of his imaginary play centers around his own planet of Luminar, where he has his own spaceships, his dragons and panthers live there, and where they can do whatever they want and not have to follow the rules he does at home.

He still loves listening to audio books as well - we listened to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone on the drive up to Utah this summer, and he was very interested. He and Arthur have been talking about the characters and waving their wands and casting spells at each other.

Arthur turned 3 and is very independent and imaginative. He likes to arrange his toys and come up with all sorts of interesting characters and scenarios. I hear him making different voices and having his toys talk to one another. This week, he cracked me up because he was playing eye doctor after they had gone for Elmer's exam. He had arranged some of his toys into his "office" and he insisted on giving me a check up and prescribing eye drops. His seriousness and sound effects were just priceless.

He also loves reading, coloring, and music. He's much more interested in playing and listening to music than Elmer is, and he will stay focused on a craft long after Elmer has lost interest.

He's full of drama though - today on our way to get ready for bath, he said "It's been a hard day for me." He's often "Too tired", especially when there's something he doesn't want to do, such as eat his vegetables. He hates having his picture taken. But he's still our cuddle bug and is usually a sweet little boy.

We've been camping a few times this year already, often with friends or family. We had a great trip up to UT to see my family, and we're so thankful that our boys are such good travelers. Next week we're heading up to stay in a cabin in Greer with the Perrys, and we'll stay at our usual cabin at Earll Park Lake during our last week of freedom before Elmer starts school.

I expect this'll be the start of a new chapter in our lives, with Elmer in school all day. We're also planning to start Arthur in the same preschool Elmer attended (if we get potty trained by September). I'm sure this year will fly by before we know it!