Arthur's 20 months!

Or, he will be in a few days. Since I haven't done an Arthur post since his first birthday, a couple of days won't matter.
From March - such a stinker!
Arthur's grown so much since January, it's hard to know where to begin. I'll start with his 18-month stats:

  • Height: 34 inches
  • Weight: 24 lbs 2 oz
(Here's Elmer's 18 month stats for comparison). 

 One of the biggest changes is Arthur's starting to talk! His first words were "again" and "go", but now he's added quite a few more to his repertoire:
  • "yith" for yes - the most important word!
  • "Amen"
  • "Mama" - usually means me, but sometimes means Father...or just saying "mamamama"
  • "Ebuh" - means Elmer
  • "Abah" - Father
  • Baba - his pacifier (we call it a boo-bo)
  • Ball - he loves to point to balls!
  • Hi
He also has approximations for Gramma and Grampa, and he tries to repeat words when we ask him to say something. He usually refuses to perform on command though, so if we're trying to demonstrate his linguistic prowess to a friend, they will be disappointed.

It's really nice to be able to communicate better with him - in addition to speaking, he'll shake his head no, and sign for please, so we can usually get a reliable answer to yes or no questions. That helps a lot!

Don't you dare interfere with this mess!
Arthur now has a mouthful of teeth, but seems to have a couple of molars coming in right now. He's been very drooly and wants to be chewing on his finger or his pacifier at all times. He's a very good eater, as long we let him feed himself and not try to help in any way. He loves to eat Father's pickled onions (so does Elmer!), roasted broccoli, hot dogs, pancakes, toast, cheerios, oatmeal, peanut butter sandwiches, and just about any meat - especially steak! He also has a bit of a taste for spicy sauces, and often wants a little drop of whatever hot sauce is on the table to try. So far, his tolerance for hot spices is greater than Elmer's.

Arthur's very independent and loves to play by himself - as long as someone's nearby to watch if he decides he wants attention. He likes to stack things, pay with his Legos or blocks, or his ball tower. He'll go over to the toy box, dump out a bunch of toys, and just sit there sorting through them for a while.

Trying to figure out this game...
He still loves to play with his brother, though, and wants to do whatever Elmer is doing, or have whatever Elmer has - which means there are often some shrieks from Elmer when Arthur grabs a toy away from him. We definitely have to break up sibling fights on a regular basis - but they are learning, oh so slowly, how to share. He loves to read, but has his own opinions about what books he wants to read, which may not match with what Elmer wants. So we're learning about taking turns as well.

I find I don't take as many day-to-day pictures of Arthur as I did with Elmer. If the boys see me get my phone out, they immediately stop what they're doing and want me to show them pictures or videos. It makes it difficult for me to capture a moment, unless I manage to sneak it out without them noticing. 
Selfie with Mama - sometimes the only way I can get a picture!
Arthur's still our little cuddle bug, especially when he first wakes up in the morning or from a nap. I usually cuddle with both boys and a book first thing in the morning, and Chris gets some Arthur cuddles after the afternoon nap. Arthur's definitely a sweetie - I think we'll keep him.