Farewell to the crib

Back in the summer of 2011, we took our annual trip to Utah to visit my grandparents. We had borrowed the Perry Van (long before we even thought of owning our own van) because my parents were coming with us for our visit. I was about 4 months pregnant with Elmer, and we took great pleasure in being able to surprise my grandparents with the news in person. It was a nice visit, with lots of talking about babies, family stories and memories.

Then my mom said that she thought the crib I'd had as a baby might still be in my grandparents's shed. So we all trooped out there to see and, sure enough, there was the crib - a little dusty and cobwebby, but it seemed to be mostly intact. This was quite a surprise for me - my family moved around so much when I was young that I have very little of anything I owned before I went to high school. It never would have occurred to me that my grandparents would have kept my crib for 30 plus years! We loaded it up in the van to carry it home. Grandma was happy to clear one more thing out of that shed.
I was just barely starting to show!
Once we were ready to start setting up Elmer's room, Chris pulled out the crib and inspected it. Some of the hardware was missing and one of the wheels was broken. He put all the pieces in the baby's room and got to work - drilling, gluing, patching, pegging. It was a little creaky and scratched up, but there it was, ready to be used by a new generation. And then he realized that it was too wide to fit through the door! Good thing he'd put it together inside the baby's room!
First nap in the crib!
Nap buddies!

When we were expecting Arthur, we talked about getting a new crib - but decided to just keep the old one and move it into the closet when we set up the bunk bed. So the crib was Arthur's too - all cozy in the closet.
Arthur - I'd forgotten he used to sleep like that!
 In June, we moved Arthur to the bottom bunk of the bed because he was just climbing out of the crib anyway. We kept it set up in case he had any trouble adjusting to sleeping in a bed, but he was just fine - as long as he had the toddler rail. So yesterday, we finally took out the crib. We had to saw through the joints in order to take it apart to get it out of the room, which pretty much finished it off. It wasn't a fancy or a high quality crib, but it was mine - and I'm happy it served through 2 generations.
Elmer saying goodbye


  1. What a lovely story! I'm glad you got to make such great use of a family antique.


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