Arthur's one year old!

Well, as of a week ago today!

My baby's 1year old today! Happy birthday Arthur!

Since all of us have been battling some stage of a cold for the last month, we weren't in the mood for much celebrating. But I made some Maple Carrot Cupcakes, we sang Happy Birthday, and Gramma Maughan and Aunt Lorraine came over for dinner and to help with bedtime after Chris went to work.
Pretty tasty, if I do say so myself. Maple carrot cupcakes!

The birthday boy himself, enjoying his cupcake! 8Jan15

Arthur's birthday

Arthur's birthday

Arthur's becoming quite the confident toddler now, it's starting to get difficult to still call him my little baby. He can climb into the wagon all by himself, and he just loves to poke around the house or the yard and check everything out.


One of his favorite things to do is just carry a book around the house, and then he'll sit down and look at it by himself, sometimes "reading" it out loud to us. It's funny, though, because it's rare that he'll let us read an entire book to him without squirming out of our lap. He likes to play with his toys, and will go over to the toy box and just dump the whole thing over so he can pick through everything.
January 1, 2015

Elmer is still his favorite person in the world, and Arthur pretty much wants to be doing whatever Elmer is doing. One thing they both just love is going for a walk in the wagon. Arthur is never ready to get out, no matter how long of a walk it is.

Most of the time they play pretty well together, but there are inevitable conflicts. We try to encourage Elmer to see how much Arthur adores him and to be patient, but an almost-3-year-old has his limitations.


I just love this picture of Arthur, because you can really see his personality coming through. He's a happy little guy, but he is independent, stubborn, and strong-willed. I don't think we'll ever need to worry about Elmer pushing him around too much.
January 2015

Both boys had their annual check up today, so here are Arthur's latest stats:
Height: 31.3 inches (Elmer was 31.5)
Weight: 21 lbs 10 oz (Elmer was 21 lbs even)
Over the past month, 3 more teeth have come through, and I think there are more on the way, so we are in a teething surge, but he enjoys being able to gnaw on more complicated foods. Now he likes to be given bigger pieces of food, like half a banana, so he can hold it and try to take bites. It's fun to see him manage it. We're working with him on learning to sign for "more", and I think he's starting to get it. But he makes it very clear when he wants something, so we'd better start working on "please" pretty soon!

Arthur 31Dec14

Believe it or not, I didn't take any pictures on Christmas, so I'll definitely need to make more of an effort to take more pictures! I feel like I dropped the ball a bit this past month, but again, I think that everyone being sick over a busy holiday is a good enough excuse. But even if I didn't record every minute, we had a great Christmas and loved watching both boys enjoy the holiday. We're so happy to have our sweet little family!

Taking down Christmas decorations with my helpers! 3Jan15