Week of Nov. 16

Well, I've thought about posting all week, but just never got around to it. So, here's the roundup:

Sunday: We went over to my in-laws for dinner, which we haven't done for a long time. I'm thankful to have such a great mother and father in law. I want to bring Elmer and Arthur over to their place more often. I have fond memories of considering my grandma's house my home away from home, and I'd love for my boys to develop memories of Grammie and Grampa Perry's home.

Monday: Oh! I worked from home all day on Monday (which was nice in and of itself), and the city has been paving the streets in our neighborhood. They did our street on Monday, and Elmer was in hog heaven watching the pavers out his bedroom window. I was very thankful, not only because it was fun watching Elmer be so enthralled, but also because these streets were in pretty bad condition and they are SO nice and smooth now!
Misc November

Tuesday, I was grateful for our bible study group. We've been meeting every Tuesday for a couple of years now, and we've all grown very close. There are very few people I feel as comfortable being my whole self with - we help each other, we talk about our struggles and celebrate our successes. I look forward to our Tuesday nights together!

Wednesday was the Marimba Pachanga party! I took the boys to the concert and we all had a great time! Arthur was cranky on the way there, but as soon as he heard the music and saw the instruments, he started clapping and laughing. Elmer had a great time dancing with Suzy and Gramma Maughan. I love the marimba ensemble! Even if I can't play with them any more, I can still go and enjoy singing and dancing!

Thursday was just a normal day for me, and I was pretty thankful for that. I got some good work done at work, had a nice evening with dinner, bath, and bed with the boys, cleaned the bathrooms, pickled some cucumber, and read a book. Days like that are great!

Today, I took the day off. We'd planned to go camping, but decided it was too chilly to take the boys overnight even around here (lows are in the high 40s, which wouldn't be bad for us, but Elmer has yet to actually sleep IN his sleeping bag). So we went to Boyce Thompson Arboretum and had a picnic lunch and a bit of a hike. It was nice to take a day trip, and I was thankful for the beautiful day!