Yesterday was a little rough - Arthur was waking up at 4 or 4:30 in the morning a lot last week, so we have all been sleep-deprived and cranky, and yesterday was no exception. But after church, I decided to cancel our usual visit with my parents and head home for lunch and (hopefully) an early nap. I was so glad I did - the boys were both still pretty cheerful for lunch and went to their rooms for naps without protest. Even though Elmer didn't sleep, he was happy and quiet reading in his room. And Chris and I got naps too! I love weekend naps!

Elmer is making all sorts of fun and interesting emotional and cognitive leaps. He's recently started doing more pretending, and with prompting will tell a story he makes up. Or he will spontaneously decide to give Arthur a hug and kiss (he did this morning - my heart melted). Tonight, after he was in bed and I was singing our bedtime songs, he said "Elmer's happy." I told him I was happy he was happy, and gave him a kiss goodnight. I tried to give him a hug too, but he said "NO HUUUUUGGGG!" so that was right out tonight. But anyway, I am thankful that Elmer was happy tonight, and I love that he's starting to say how he feels.