Arthur is 9 months old

Another eventful month for our growing boy! We visited the pediatrician last week, so here are the updated stats:
  • Height: 29.5 inches
  • Weight: 19 lbs 10 oz
  • Head circ: 18 inches
  • (Here's Elmer's 9 month post, for comparison)
He got his Hepatitis B vaccine and first flu shot, sported a Captain America bandage, and was ready to go home for lunch and a nap after that.

9 months old! 8Oct14

Since last month, Arthur has mastered crawling, and he is FAST! We have to pick the cat food dishes up off the floor if he's awake, because he goes straight for them if he sees them. He also loves to pull himself up to standing on anything and can balance with one hand. He cruises around the living room holding himself up on the furniture. He can't quite reach to go from the couch to the chair, but he's trying. He likes nothing better than walking around with us holding his hands - too bad we can't do that all the time!

New phone = new camera! 20Sept14

This month was a bit challenging for all of us, because Arthur was transitioning from needing to nurse at night to sleeping all night. We had a few rough weeks while we were all figuring out what we needed to do in order to sleep - Arthur was keeping everyone awake! We finally decided to stop responding at night, and there were a few nights where Arthur cried quite a bit and was pretty cranky with us for leaving him in his crib. But he's slept the past 5 nights in a row without waking up at all, so we're hopeful we're entering a new era of sleep, sweet sleep! And Arthur's great at napping during the day - he still takes a good 60-90 minute nap in the morning and 2 to 2 1/2 hours in the afternoon.

A Day in the Life: 21Sept14

Eating is becoming a lot  more fun, since Arthur is getting really good at trying new foods. He really wants to feed himself and often gets fussy if we're feeding him boring ol' cereal because he thinks he should be in charge of the spoon! This month we've expanded to eating bread with butter or jam, bananas (he's finally decided they're okay), cheese, pickled carrots, chicken salad, oatmeal with yogurt and applesauce, pancakes, waffles, pot pie, shepherd's pie, roasted vegetables (he LOVES roasted broccoli and carrots and that's the only way he'll accept potatoes), and squash. We're trying not to cringe as he smears food all over his face, but he loves eating with all of us!


Blueberry waffles! Yum! 4Oct14

October is one of my favorite months, and the last couple of weeks have been just beautiful! It's so fun to start spending more time outside, especially now that Arthur can play and doesn't spend all his time trying to shove grass in his mouth!

Afternoon shenanigans

Afternoon shenanigans


We have lots of fun activities planned over the next few weeks: going to the Arizona State Fair, the Desert Botanical Gardens Harvest Festival, and Halloween! It's nice to be able to do more things together as a family!

A Day in the Life: 21Sept14


  1. I love that last photo you posted; it's a beautiful image of the boys in your family!


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