Bizarro Elmer

Our son is resident of Bizzaro World. Elmer has entered into a new stage of language development, where roughly 50% of the time he means exactly the opposite of what he says. Examples:

  • "Elmer not naked" - he is totally naked.
  • "Sauce not hot." - this is sriracha sauce.
  • "No juice." - he really does want juice.
This is especially fun (see, I can do it too!) since we've been working on potty training for the last several weeks. He wears underpants most of the time, and is pretty comfortable using the toilet when we put him on it. However, working with him on communicating his toilet necessities is complicated in Bizarro World:
  • "Elmer not pee." - usually means he needs to pee and is trying hold it, which is good. Best course of action is to place him on the toilet immediately.
  • "Elmer pee" - typically uttered as he is currently peeing. This is bad (unless he's on the toilet already).
  • "Elmer not poo." - could mean anything. He could be pooing at that moment. He might not need to poo at all.
  • "Elmer poo." - The deed is done. Best course is to go immediately to clean it up before he is a total mess.
My current strategy is if he volunteers any information about these bodily functions without being prompted, I immediately place him on the toilet no matter whether he said no or yes. If he answers "Elmer no pee" or "Elmer no poo" in response to a question, I try to give him the benefit of a doubt.

Bizarro Elmer is pretty fun most of the time, but I admit this phase is particularly challenging to work with in conjunction with potty training.


  1. That sounds like a fun Bizarro World. Good luck potty training. It's a joy (in bizarro world of course).


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