Arthur is 8 months old!

It's been an eventful month for Arthur, he's been growing like crazy!

Oh, hi mama! 10Aug14

This month he:

  • has progressed from creeping to crawling almost all the time;
  • has cut 2 teeth (one is pretty well in, the other just broke the gums this past Tuesday) and I think there are more on the way;
  • pulls himself up to standing on anything he can grab (often Father's or Mama's legs);
  • chases Maggie relentlessly;
  • ditto chasing Elmer, who sometimes enjoys it and runs around giggling like crazy, but other times cries and says "Arthur no get you." Elmer is still learning his pronouns.
  • started eating baked goods, beans (mashed), cheerios, oatmeal, mashed peaches, mashed brussels sprouts, peanut butter, LOVED a beef stew made by Chris, and donuts;
  • graduated into the next size up for our cloth diapers, and is comfortably in 9-12 month onesies.


In mid-August we went camping. It was Arthur's 2nd time, and he really did pretty well. He and Elmer both LOVE the tent, and would probably be perfectly content to just roll around in there on our air mattress the entire time. We went up to Knoll Lake Campground up on the Mogollon Rim Road, which was just beautiful! However, we hit a great afternoon monsoon storm on our way to the campground. It was still raining as we set up camp, and we debated pulling stakes and heading back home, but the rain stopped shortly after we got everything set up so we were happy we stayed. The forest is just beautiful after a good rain! We just stayed for one night since we're still learning about camping with a toddler and infant, but we had a really nice time. It's definitely a learning process - Elmer needs to learn to sleep in his sleeping bag, we need to learn what's the best set up for Arthur in the tent, and Arthur - well, he needs to learn not to hog the bed! We're planning another one night trip later this month so we'll see how that goes.

Camping:Knoll Lake Campground Aug 15-16, 2014

Camping:Knoll Lake Campground Aug 15-16, 2014

Arthur loves being around Elmer so much! The two of them like to hang out in their room sometimes and just giggle and play with their toys. Naptime has gotten a little complicated this month, because now they'll keep each other awake the whole time if we try to put them in the room at the same time. We've found that putting Arthur down first and letting him fall asleep before bringing Elmer in improves the odds that napping will occur by 2:1. But these days, it's hard to take a picture of Arthur solo, because he's stuck to his brother's side like glue.

2 cool! 25Aug14



Elmer & co-pilot Arthur

I love that my boys are enjoying one another! We definitely enjoy them both, even when one is teething and the other is...well....2.

Arthur's next doctor's appointment is next month, so we'll have updated stats for the 9 month post!

TGIF! 29Aug14