Arthur: months 6 and 7

This summer has been flying by so fast - Arthur turned 7 months old yesterday! He's grown so much over the past 2 months. Here are his stats from his 6 month appointment:

Height: 27.5 inches
Weight: 16 lbs 6 oz

(For those keeping track, he's 1/2 inch taller and nearly 1 pound heavier than Elmer was at 6 months).


We started working on solid foods about a month ago and he's gotten really good already! He eats 3 meals a day with us at the table and still has a few bottle/nursing sessions for snacks and before bed. So far he likes rice cereal and multigrain cereal, yogurt, applesauce, sweet potatoes, carrots and avocados. He wasn't sure about bananas at first, but they're finally growing on him. He wants to feed himself so badly and gets frustrated when he can't get his hands to cooperate. Just like his brother before him, we've discovered that a dill pickle spear is the perfect gnawing food to keep him occupied while we finish getting dinner ready! He'll gnaw all the pulp and seeds off, happy as a clam!

Eating solid foods!

A Tale of Two Pickles: Pickle 2-gnaw gnaw gnaw (better than a teething biscuit!)

In other news, Arthur is on the move! He started chasing Maggie around the living room a little over a week ago, and now no place is safe! He's not crawling exactly, but he can pull himself all over the house. He likes to get up on his hands and knees, and even up on all fours, but he hasn't figured out how to coordinate everything just yet. It won't be long though!

Morning workout: chasing Maggie! The Cap'n is so patient!

He is very good at entertaining himself - we can leave him on the floor with some toys, and he'll happily grab them, inspect them, chew and drool. He especially likes any toy that Elmer is playing with. He loves to watch Elmer and always likes to be near his big brother.
Arthur held office hours for small group consultations.


Arthur also started clapping his hands together last weekend. He loves to clap and he loves the attention he gets when we get excited about it!

This week we said goodbye to the baby bathtub and starting taking regular baths. Needless to day, Elmer wanted to join in the fun, so now they take baths together!

After some stupid crap at work, it's nice to come home to these guys!

Arthur's also getting much better at sleeping at night. Now he only wakes up once or twice. We are all sleeping a lot better because of it!

Sooo sleepy! 5Aug14


  1. You're boys are getting so big!!! And cute as ever!!!


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