Elmer's Tune

When Elmer was just a few days old, one of the musicians in one of Chris's groups told us about the song "Elmer's Tune", made famous by the Glen Miller band. We learned the song, and I sang it to him almost every night as part of our bedtime routine for almost 2 years. I don't sing it every night now, because he asks for different songs, and sometimes he wants Father to sing instead, but it is still a common request.

Now we mix it up and I alternate "Elmer" and "Arthur" for whose tune it is- at Elmer's insistence.

A few weeks ago, he asked for "Arthur's Tune" and proceeded to sing along with me. He sang almost all the words correctly (and some of them are doozies for a 2 year old!). I was so surprised, and he was so cute, that I giggled my way through the song. He giggled too, and I can't really fault him for being out of tune. He's obviously learning the song just fine!

I think my proud mama heart just grew a few sizes larger - what a sweet experience singing this song together!