Arthur's 5 months!

I know he'll be 6 months in just a couple of weeks, but I want to make sure I keep up with each month! Arthur is growing so fast! Since my last update, here are all the cool things he's doing:

  • Rolls back to front, front to back, and all around - I never know where he'll be in the crib each morning.
  • Getting better at sitting by himself - he can balance all on his own for a few seconds, and sit really well with just a little support.
  • He can stand leaning against the couch or holding onto our hands!
  • He's started eating a little solid food - he'll take a few spoonfuls of cereal and is really interested in trying more.
  • He's so much more interested in grabbing things! You can put a toy in front of him and he will focus on it, grab it, inspect it closely, then cram it in his mouth. He likes reaching for anything he can grab!
Morning exercises! 17June14

He just loves playing with Elmer! He wants to be wherever his big brother is and no one can make him smile like Elmer can!
Ready for summer! #Arthur #Elmer 3June14

He has the best giggle! Check out this little video!

He's also starting to settle into our preferred nap times - he takes two short naps in the morning, but his afternoon nap is developing quite nicely where he'll nap at the same time as Elmer. Mama and Father both like having a good chunk of quiet time in the afternoon - we need a nap too! He's also getting much better at sleeping at night - he typically only wakes up once or twice during the night.

Arthur 4June14

He's really a talker, too - I don't remember Elmer being this noisy! He has lots of things to say and makes sure that the whole house can hear him!

2014-05-29 06.34.29

6 months, here we come!
Arthur being as cute as can be. I love Saturdays!


  1. Anali, Arthur is so adorable! We really miss you guys. Hopefully we can come visit sometime soon. :)


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