Arthur's 16 weeks old!

I'm not going to make excuses. I've been back at work for the past 4 weeks and it's been an adjustment for all of us. I enjoy my job, my boys, and my life, but I admit that by the end of the day, after the kids are in bed and I have 2 hours to myself before I need to go to bed, writing a blog post just isn't always my top priority.

That said, I can't tell you how many times I've looked back at what I wrote about Elmer's first few months, just out of curiosity and nostalgia, so I am trying to do the same for Arthur. So it may not be every month, or every 4 weeks, but I'm going to post something!

King Arthur the Adorable. 6April14

And there really is lots to say! Arthur has grown so much in the past few weeks! He giggles and coos and generally has a lot to say. He likes to contribute to conversations and really doesn't like being left out. His majesty definitely feels he should be at the center of everything.

Check me out!

This past week, Arthur started rolling over from back to front. You can't put him down without him just flipping right over. Now, most of the time when he wakes up at night, I find him on his belly, fussing. Needless to say, I am a lot more careful where I leave him, now that he's rolling all over the place. And I haven't been putting him on his formerly-loved playmat since he just flips onto his tummy and looks around.

Rolling over! 24Apr14

Rolling over! 24Apr14

Here's a day in the life of Arthur: wake up in the morning between 5:30-6 and be super happy! Arthur loves mornings! He gets tired after breakfast, though, so goes back down for a morning nap right before I leave for work at 7:30. Then he wakes up again around 9 then usually takes another little nap at 11ish. The afternoon is still pretty rocky for naps. We'd like him to sleep from 1-2ish until 4 like Elmer does, but he is not in favor of this plan. He has a hard time sleeping for more than 45 minutes in the afternoon, even though he is clearly still tired. He'll work that out soon, I hope. After 4, though, Arthur is pretty easy-going again. He starts to get pretty fussy as we finish up our dinner, but then he takes a bath at 5:30, nurses a bit and goes right to sleep at 6. Currently, I wake him up to nurse about 9, then move him from the bassinet to the crib in Elmer's room. The past few weeks, he's been waking up between 11-1, and then again between 2-4. Luckily, he nurses and goes right back to sleep, so I'm usually only up with him for 15-20 minutes.

Nap time.

He still really loves his bath! I just had to start keeping his little tub in the big bathtub because he likes to kick and splash water all over the place!

Bath time at the Perry's!

Arthur hadn't had much experience with bottles before I went back to work. We tried to start introducing a regular bottle in the last few weeks before I went back, but he was very resistant. He was pretty snobbish about it for the first few days when he was just home with Father, but now he's eating from the bottle like a champ.

Arthur's 15 weeks old!

Elmer is his favorite person - he just loves to watch and see what his big brother is up to! When he hears Elmer, he always looks around for him, and the two of them will look at each other and start giggling. I anticipate much mischief from the pair of them in another couple of years.

Last day of maternity leave! 2April14

I can't believe our little sweet baby is nearly 4 months old!

16 weeks old! 30Apr14