Arthur's 2 months old!

Actually, 9.5 weeks, but I'm a little late with this post as usual. Arthur had his 2 month appointment on March 7. He weighed 11 lbs 6 oz and was 23.3 inches tall. He also weathered his first barrage of vaccinations. He was not a happy camper for the rest of the day, but was back to his normal cheerful self the next day.
Arthur at 8 weeks! 6Mar14
Arthur has grown a lot the last few weeks! He's sleeping so much better at night already. Last night, he only woke up once! He went to bed at 7:00, woke up for a feeding at 2:00, and then woke up at 5:50 AM. I'll take more nights like this, please! He's been sleeping in the crib in Elmer's room (though I guess it's now their room) for a little over 2 weeks, and that has worked pretty well for all of us. Elmer doesn't wake up during our night time feedings, and Chris and I sleep a lot better without having a baby in our room.

Arthur has started conforming his daytime naps to our schedule as well - he takes morning and afternoon naps about the same time Elmer does, but is still working in a short nap in between them. Now we just put both boys down for bed at 7 and that seems to be working out best for all of us.
Practicing the art of Car Seat Zen! 12Mar14
When he's awake, he's a joy! He loves smiling at everyone and likes nothing better than being in the center of all the action. He loves playing on his mat and doing tummy time with Elmer. He likes joining in Elmer's storytime, and especially likes the books with baby faces to look at.

His neck is getting really strong, and he rolled over twice from his belly to back a couple of weeks ago! He hasn't done it since, but he knows he can do it!
Showing, so strong!
He and Elmer still get along really well - Elmer is such a helpful big brother! He helps give Arthur a bath in the evening and hands me dry diapers during changes. He'll run for Arthur's pacifier whenever he cries, or say "Mama hold Arthur" or "Arthur milk." He's working on being quiet when Arthur is sleeping, and he seems to enjoy seeing Arthur in his crib in the morning. We're so blessed to have two sweet boys!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!