Arthur's 6 weeks old!

I'd meant to write a one month post, but the last 2 weeks just passed me right by! Arthur is growing so fast, and my maternity leave is already half over!

Arthur has been a great baby from day one - he's pretty happy as long as he's being held, and he's generally a really good sleeper at night. The first couple of weeks were pretty smooth, and they've just been getting better. Sure, we have a rough night now and then, but most of the time he sleeps great. We're working on a 5:00 bed time right now, which means he's waking up between 8-10 PM, then sometime between midnight-2, and then usually between 4-5 AM. I can usually get him back to sleep pretty quickly at the early morning feeding so I can snatch a last little chunk of sleep before getting up at 6. Not bad for 6 weeks old!
Napping with Maggie

Arthur made one of his first public appearances at my brother's wedding when he was 9 days old! He was a real trooper for an afternoon wedding and slept most of the time in my wrap. He came out a bit for the dancing and some snuggle time with Gramma Maughan.
Gramma meeting Arthur

He's sleeping in the bassinet in our room, but we'll be transitioning him to the crib in Elmer's room in the next few weeks as his sleep schedule regulates a bit more. I've been taking him into Elmer's room to nurse at night so Elmer will get used to having me come in and out, so hopefully we'll have a smooth transition.
Afternoon naps are the best!

Elmer is a really great big brother! He is very concerned whenever Arthur gets upset, hates to listen to him cry, and runs for the pacifier to help soothe his brother - even though Arthur doesn't like the pacifier much. Elmer gives him lots of kisses, and likes to coach him during tummy time.
Elmer's teaching Arthur about tummy time. 1Feb14

Arthur currently takes just short naps during the day, but lots of them. In the first few weeks, he and I would take afternoon naps together in the bed, but he hasn't been so interested in that lately. Now his favorite nap is to just fall asleep in my arms in the rocking chair in the living room. Unfortunately, I usually have other things to do than sit in the chair for an hour or two, so he has to make do with the bassinet or the bouncy chair.
Congested, but still a cutie! 11Feb14

He weathered his first cold last week, but luckily was only totally miserable for a few days. Elmer had it first, and was pretty sick for a whole week.

Arthur at 1 month. 7Feb14

At one month, Arthur weighed 9 lbs 2 oz and was 22 inches tall! He likes to wiggle on his jungle mat, sit on my lap, and make faces at Father, Mama and Elmer. I finally caught a picture of his smile yesterday! He's such a cutie!
Finally managed to catch a smile! 19Feb14