4 weeks later

Not-pregnant is a wonderful state of being:

  • I can touch my toes, or pick things up off the ground
  • I can clean the kitchen without needing to sit down to rest afterwards
  • I can pick up my 2 year old - easily
  • No more heartburn
  • Beer!
  • No coffee restrictions!
  • I have more energy than I've had in months!
  • There are comfortable positions to sleep again!
  • I can get up from the couch without a lever, or a helping hand
  • I can wear (almost) all the clothes!
  • I can run around and be silly with my son!
It's so nice to be myself again!

I've been doing the 7 minute workout  (iOS app) for the last 2 weeks, and it feels so nice to be able to move and exercise without a big belly in the way. Also, I love that I can squeeze in this workout between newborn needs and toddler time - I'm hoping to work up to 2 or 3 repetitions of the circuit in the next few months. I'm looking forward to getting back to my pre-pregnancy, times two, level of fitness!