Elmer: 21.5 months old!

I've been meaning to write an Elmer update for the last 6 weeks at least, so I'm finally sitting down to do it! Elmer will be 22 months old later this month, and it's hard to believe that he'll have a little brother or sister before his 2nd birthday! So soon!

The last few months have been very eventful, both in our family and in Elmer's growth. He's rapidly developing his vocabulary and is getting so much better at communication. Of course, while he's getting good at repeating words, his pronunciation needs improvement, so it really helps if you know the context. It's fun to try to puzzle out what he means - he might say "wawa" while driving in the car, and it'll take a minute for me to understand that he is pointing out a fountain rather than talking about the contents of his sippy cup.

He's also starting to learn his colors and the names of animals and what some of them say. He does a great job barking and meowing (he sounds suspiciously like Charlie when he meows), and loves it when we cluck like a chicken.

The awesome train set at the AZ State Fair!

Elmer has developed an interest in cars, trucks, trains, airplanes and helicopters. He likes to read about trucks, he gets excited when he hears the ice cream trucks in our neighborhood, and he points out planes in the sky when he hears them. Chris took him to the Hall of Flame, a fire history museum, last month and he was in hog heaven! He loved climbing on the fire engines and getting close to so many big trucks!

Chris & Elmer visited the Hall of Flame today!

Fire trucks!

Elmer's favorite thing to do is read. He will happily sit with you for over an hour reading different books. He asks to read often, and we read a little when we get up in the morning, before naps, and before bed. He'll often take a book with him to bed for naps, and he'll lay on his pillow and look at his book until he falls asleep (if he falls asleep). He doesn't always take his morning nap, but he always feels better after a little quiet time in his room with a book even if he doesn't sleep.

Speaking of sleeping, in September we upgraded Elmer to a bunk bed. He had no problems transitioning from his crib to a big boy bed! We bought a toddler rail but decided to see if he needed it before putting it on, since the bed isn't very high. He fell out twice during the first week, but hasn't fallen out since, so no toddler rail! He loves that he can get in and out by himself and arrange all his animals, pillows and blankets the way he wants. He's also very helpful whenever we change the sheets.

Elmer's new bed! 14Sept13

For Halloween, Elmer dressed as a pirate! We went to a party at a friend's house the weekend before Halloween, and Elmer had a great time running around with the other kids and playing on the pinball machines.
Sparks' Spooktacular!
On Halloween, he and Chris came to visit me at work for a hot dog lunch. That night, we went trick or treating for the first time (to 3 houses) and spent the rest of the evening handing out candy. Elmer enjoyed wearing his costume (but often wanted to wear my witch's hat), and loved looking at all the other kids.
Elmer at the Halloween Hot Dog lunch!

I could write pages more about what he's doing now, but I'll keep this brief and try to post more often. Every day is a new discovery, and Elmer is growing into such a little boy!


  1. His bandana reminds me of "How I Became a Pirate" by Melinda Long--a book he might enjoy in a couple of years. : ) Glad to hear you all are well and can't believe Peanut's arrival is so close--I hope your last few weeks go as smoothly as possible!


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