Elmer's 18 months old!

Okay, that was a couple of weeks ago, but still - 18 months! 1 and a half years! Huge landmark!
Fun with the front camera

Here are the vital stats:
Height: 33.8 inches (89th percentile)
Weight: 25 pounds 2 ounces (42nd percentile)
Head circumference: 18.8 inches (50th percentile)

Over the past several weeks, Elmer's really been asserting his desires. He's pretty clear about asking for things he wants (he points and signs "please"), and he's very good at shaking his head when he means "no". Sometimes he shakes his head when he means other things too, but "no" is starting to be pretty consistent. He's very good at signing "more", "up" and "thank you."
Lord Elmer gives orders! 2July13

He's starting to say a few words now too:

  • "Fa" usually means "Father", but sometimes means "fan" and "fire"
  • "Mama" usually means "Mama", but sometimes he just says "mamamamama" for fun
  • "Chizzz" for "cheese"
  • "Choose" for "shoes"
  • "Jiss" for "juice"
He understands most of what we say. He responds when we ask him to do things like pick something up, or take something to someone, or go play with his toys.
Detour @ ASU 3July13

Elmer loves his routines, too. Every morning we go outside and water the lawn. Then we have breakfast. Every evening after dinner we take a bath, brush hair, brush teeth, read stories, and go to bed. He likes things to happen in that order, and he'll remind us if we try to skip a step.

He's very curious and wants to inspect everything, especially when there are buttons, knobs, switches, or a fan. He is a fan connoisseur. Ceiling fans, box fans, standing fans, swiveling fans - he loves them all and is an expert at turning them on or off.

He also likes to help - he loves to cook (and often pretends he's cooking with pots and spoons), help vacuum, supervise the laundry, test the dish water, and make the bed. And, of course, he's very helpful doing yard work.
Watering plants and feet 12Jul13

Elmer's also expanding his tastes in food - he'll try almost anything! He's still touchy about some textures, such as ground meat or tomatoes, but in general he'll usually eat what we give him. He's recently discovered the joys of Cheerios and graham crackers!
Cheerios! 19July13

It's so much fun playing, talking, and reading with Elmer - we have such a great time as a family! And, we're also eagerly expected a new baby brother or sister around January 11 - right before Elmer's 2nd birthday!


  1. Way to grow Elmer! Exciting times ahead for the Perry family! Congratulations!

  2. Holy moly - congratulations!!!! :) (hug)


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