Utah Trip, Part Deux

Okay, it took me another week to complete our trip. We've all had a low-grade cold this past week - not bad enough to miss work, but feeling lousy enough to want to go to bed super-early every night. Thank goodness, I think we're getting over it.

So, we left camping last Monday morning (June 10) and drove on up to my Grandparents' house. We rolled in around 3:30, dirty and smelly. Gramma graciously let us do laundry and take showers, and we had a quiet evening at her place,visiting and enjoying the absolutely beautiful weather sitting on her back porch. Elmer loved their back yard, and really enjoyed helping Gramma water the lawn.

Helping Gramma with the sprinkler

Elmer knows all about spigots

We didn't do much on Tuesday, except went down to visit my Grampa. He has late stage Alzheimer's, and moved into an assisted living facility this past February. It's a nice place, and it looks like they're taking good care of him. We went in and found him sitting in a chair in the hallway. We said hello, and gave him a hug. He seemed really happy to see us, and really enjoyed watching Elmer putter around his room. We stayed for about an hour, but then he wanted to take a nap so we told him we'd be back on Wednesday. Otherwise, we just enjoyed visiting with Gramma and relaxing the rest of the day.

Wednesday, we went to visit Grampa again in the morning, and he remembered us from the day before. We went for a walk outside and showed him our new minivan. He seemed to enjoy the visit and liked watching Elmer.
Here we go!

After lunch, we drove to visit my cousin Meredith, her family, and our Gramma Bea for dinner. Elmer had a blast playing with his cousin Chelsea, who is 3, and was a little fascinated with Meredith's 6 month old son, Mitchell.
Meeting cousin Mitchell

Gramma Bea got lots of Mitchell snuggle time while we were playing and visiting:
Elmer and Chelsea had fun playing together

We haven't seen Mer and her husband, Jordan, since Chelsea was a tiny baby, so it was great to spend some time together and catch up! We had a hard time getting everyone to sit still long enough for a picture, but this one turned out all right!
Including Bea!

And this one shows that we were all cracking each other up:
Here we are!

We got back to Gramma's a little after 8 pm, and had a quick visit with my uncle, Eric, who came over to see us before we left.

Bright and early Thursday morning, we headed home. We made such good time on the road all day that we pushed on all the way home - 13 hours of steady driving! Elmer was a trooper and held up pretty well all day. He started getting a little fussy on the last leg from Flagstaff to Phoenix, but to be honest, Chris and I were pretty fussy for those last 2 1/2 hours too. We were glad we pushed, though, because it was so nice to be home, and have all day Friday to settle in and rest.

All in all, it was a great trip, full of lots of family and friends! Elmer was such a good little boy the whole time, we were very proud of him! We are looking forward to lots more road trips in the future!