Camping trip!

Last weekend, we met our friends the Joneses and the Milazzos at Cedar Canyon Campground near Cedar City, UT for 3 nights camping! We were a little nervous because this was our first real camping trip with Elmer, but he loved it!
Cedar Canyon Campground

We left Friday morning and made great time up the hill. We managed to meet the Milazzos at Jacob Lake Inn for lunch, and then we all continued the rest of the way to the campground. We got there a little after 4 PM Utah time, and the Jones had only been there about 30 minutes before us! So we all got set up, cooked our dinners, and enjoyed visiting.
Hanging out!

Positioning it just so

Elmer loved the tent! He loved the air mattress, he loved checking out the walls of the tent, and exploring all the things in the pockets. He napped really well in his crib, once he settled down from the excitement of the tent. He went to sleep for the night in his crib too, but it got too cold for him around midnight each night, so we brought him into bed with us and he slept snug as a bug the rest of the night.
Napping in the tent!

Saturday, we explored the campground, took naps, and relaxed. The weather was beautiful! Games were played, drinks were drunk, and food was et.
Ronan getting a lift

A mustachioed trio

Elmer really liked wandering around outside, watching the other kids play, and sharing Ronan's toys (thanks Ronan!). He also liked sitting in his own camp chair next to Ruth!
Elmer likes Ruth!

Sunday, we drove up to Cedar Breaks, which was only about 20 minutes from our campground. The Joneses joined us, and the kids got Junior Ranger badges after completing a workbook. Here they are with their badges!
Three Junior Rangers, complete with badges!

Our family!

We were all pretty tired Sunday night, so turned in early. Monday morning, we all got up, ate breakfast, and packed up the camp. The Milazzos headed back down to Flagstaff, the Joneses went up north to Utah Valley, and we continued north to visit my family in Layton. We had a great time camping with our friends!
Climbed into the chair all by himself