Waxing romantic

We sold our old truck today. It felt so strange to come home and not see it in the driveway. Chris bought it in 1991, and it was our only vehicle until we bought the Prius in 2003. There are a lot of memories tied up in that old truck, but I wanted to share a couple of my favorites.

The first summer Chris and I were together, we took a road trip to California to visit a friend and go to Disneyland. It was my first time going to Disneyland and my first trip with a boyfriend! We listened to Mostly Harmless by Douglas Adams: a big set of cassette tapes checked out from the library, played on a boombox because the truck didn't have a stereo. On our way back home, Chris decided it was time for me to get behind the wheel again - I had been in a serious car accident earlier that year and hadn't driven since. And it had been years since I'd driven with a stick shift. But I slid into the driver's seat and cruised on home. I've done most of the driving on our road trips ever since!
 Retro, from 1997. 20May13

Another time, we drove up to Pinetop for Spring Break to stay at a cabin. We didn't want to leave Kitty alone for a week, so we brought her with us. She rode curled up on my jacket in between our bucket seats. She was scared silent on our way up there and was so relieved to get out of the truck and explore the cabin. However, she meowed the entire ride home - 4 hours!

Most of the times that we had to take Kitty someplace, it was in the truck. She had a special power to expel fur violently from her body whenever she was in a moving vehicle. This wasn't like simple shedding, the fur sprung off her body in all directions. When we moved from our old apartment to our house, I drove with Kitty in the cab of the truck. She stood up on my lap, with her front paws on the steering wheel, yowling and fur flying everywhere for the 5 mile drive. I sneezed the entire time.
Good ol' truck! 19May13

Again, when Chris and I first started dating, he drove me up to Lockett Meadow near Flagstaff. We went up at night, and Chris took advantage of the truck's 4 wheel drive on the dirt road. It's a rough, single lane road, and it winds up the mountain. I admit to being a little nervous on the way up since it felt like Chris was driving very fast (though I'm sure that was just my imagination). When we got up to Lockett Meadow, though, it was peaceful and serene. We had a blanket and we laid back in the bed of the truck and looked at the stars.

Even though we hardly drive the truck any more, I feel a little nostalgic. In a way, it was one of the last vestiges of our childless life (not that I'm not happy with my life now). But increasingly, it's just too impractical to have a vehicle that only sits 2 people. If we want more cargo room, we also need more seating. It's time to move on. The truck has a good new home now.