Elmer's 14 months old!

March has flown right by, I can't believe it'll be April in a week! The weather has just been beautiful - we had a couple cool days, a couple hot ones, but for the most part it's just been perfect. The citrus trees started blooming early last week, so the air is just perfumed with their aroma. Our tangerine tree is right by the front door and is doing its best to make our house smell fantastic! We're helping by keeping the doors and windows open and letting the breezes flow through the house.
Met Chris & Elmer at Rula Bula for lunch! I love Spring Break! 14Mar13

Elmer has been enjoying the weather too - he loves looking out the window, standing by the back door, and spending more time outside! He's gradually getting more brave about walking alone, but he'll still only take a few steps without hanging on to something. He's gotten comfortable with one-handed walking, though!
Getting brave!

There's not a lot of new news this month, but lots of gradual development. Elmer's getting better at signing "more" and was doing "up" fairly accurately tonight. He's starting to learn the names of some body parts - he's very good at pointing at my nose (I'm still working on his nose!), and he'll point at his knee and sometimes his belly. He'll wave hello and goodbye sometimes, especially at the cats. He picked up my hair clip today and tried to put it on his head, and he'll touch his brush to his hair. It's pretty cute.

Having a fun Saturday! 16Mar13

His favorite games right now are peekaboo, hide and seek, pull pots out of the cupboard, slide magnets off the fridge, flipping light switches on and off, and seeing how long he can make Mama and Father carry him around looking at everything he points at.

He also loves to read - he's always pulling books off his shelf or our end table, and we always read together in the mornings and before bed.
Reading with Father

We recently acquired a little organ, and it's his new favorite instrument!
Little organist

A couple of weeks ago, I adjusted my work schedule and we tweaked Elmer's morning naps, so now we all can eat breakfast and dinner together as a family. That's been very nice! At breakfast, I make a big bowl of oatmeal to share with Elmer, and Chris has his morning smoothie. Elmer eats just about anything we put in front of him - he really wants to try whatever we're eating. He loves holding his own spoon and fork, even if they aren't necessary. We're definitely getting to the point where we don't need to make very much baby cereals or special foods for him - he's getting very good at eating regular food as long as it's not too chewy. He'll still drink a bottle of juice at church on Sundays, though.
Cuddling with Grampa

Last weekend was our annual St. Patrick's Day party. Several of our friends came who also had little kids, and Elmer was pretty fascinated playing with them.

(This little girl is almost exactly a year younger than Elmer - I can't believe he was that small last St. Patrick's Day!)

We're looking forward to Easter next week!