13 Months

This past month, it seems like Elmer's doing something new every day! He's growing so fast! Here are a few highlights:
  • He has another tooth, one of the top front teeth! We only discovered it last weekend, but it must have been there for a bit since it's already out! He's also getting his second bottom incisor, and maybe the top as well. He loves chewing on things, especially crackers and biscuits.Ready for kickoff! 3Feb13
  • He's getting more independent! Sometimes, he gets fussy at mealtimes if he can't feed himself something. At the very least, he likes to have his own spoon so he can practice conveying food to his mouth.Practicing eating with a spoon! 29Jan13
  • He's also exploring! He wants to climb everything: Father, Mama, the couch, the cat tree, the chair, the bed. He's pretty cautious about it, but he's taken a few tumbles. He usually shakes it off pretty quickly, then it's back to work!Little monkey 4Feb13
  • He's getting better at communicating - he's figured out how to point at things. When we're holding him, he will point in the direction he wants us to go, or the toy or item he wants to investigate, or the light switch he wants to flip on and off. He's also learning the sign for "more", and definitely understands many of the things we say.
Two weeks ago, we took our first day trip up to Flagstaff to visit the Milazzos. Not only did we have a good time visiting and playing games, there was also a lot of snow! We took Elmer outside for just a little while so he could check it out.
Snow! 9Feb13

And, just this weekend, he's started taking his first steps unassisted! He'll be walking by himself in no time!
Walking with Father!