Elmer's 10 (and a half!) months old!

So I'm a little late with the 10 month post, but time just goes by so fast! He's already almost 11 months old! He's growing like a weed! We had to pack up all the baby clothes sized 9 months or less, and he's very comfortable in 12 month-sized onesies!
So big!

This month has been very exciting, as Elmer just exerts more and more of his independence. He can pull himself up on anything within reach, and can cruise all around the living room all the way into the kitchen on furniture, the wall, and the refrigerator. He scoots through the house with amazing speed, so we can't take our eyes off him for more than a minute before he's out of sight down the hall or heading for the cat's food dishes.
Bundled up on a chilly day!

He's also getting better at feeding himself. He can eat just about anything we can, even without any teeth! He'll gnaw on a pickle spear until it's gone, gum up crackers, bread, pancakes, cheese, and loves peanut butter! He's usually very good about eating his dinner, but he especially likes it when we all eat together and he can supplement his food with tastes from our plates.
Feeding myself

Elmer's also getting better at communicating. He's starting to sign when he wants more food, he's learning to wave, and he likes to clap and dance when there's music or he's excited.

I can stand up!

Every day is so much fun, watching him learn and grow!