Elmer's 8 months old!

Eight months have passed so quickly - I sometimes still can't believe we have a son! Some evenings, after Elmer's asleep, Chris is at rehearsal, and it's just me and the cats, I feel as though it were a year ago - or even two - and there's no baby, no fundamental sea change to our lives. Even though there's a load of diapers in the washing machine and I'm wiping his little spoon and cup when I do the dishes, I think "Really?!" and sneak back into his room just to double check.

Yup - there's a baby in there, fast asleep in a completely different position than how I placed him, sometimes curled horizontally at the foot of the crib, sometimes stretched out flat on his back along the side, snoring softly. I can't believe how big he is already, when he was such a scrawny little monkey not so long ago. This was from February 15!

So, eight months old! No statistics, we haven't taken measurements. He'll be weighed, measured, and vaccinated again a few weeks at his 9 month appointment. But he's doing lots of fun stuff!

He's so busy moving all the time, it's hard to get pictures that don't all look like this:

Elmer likes to stand up, leaning against someone, preferably, but any thing will do. He's still not crawling yet, but he's starting to figure some of the parts out. He now can lean forward and balance his weight on his hands!
You are so funny!

We don't have a quiet baby any more - he's always talking. He especially likes consonants like "th", "t", "ch" and "zzzz" is particularly hilarious. He has started making his voice heard at church - though he's still learning when it's his turn to talk. Sometimes he likes to add his thoughts to Father Scott's sermon.

No teeth yet, but he's working on some. Chewing on pickles is a great way to alleviate some of that discomfort.
 And speaking of food - Elmer eats 3 good bowls of food a day and there's nothing he won't try. He's also getting good at chewing - he loves eating pancakes, cheese, and pretty much any baked good his mama will feed him.

This past month we had our first experience in the pool. Elmer was pretty skeptical, and is still not won over. Though to be fair, it was at a party so there were a lot of other kids splashing around. I'm sure he'll have lots of opportunities to get used to the water.
Not sure about this pool business

We also went to the zoo with the Stallards! Elmer liked watching all the Stallard boys, sitting in his stroller like a big boy, and playing in the water.Big boy in the stroller!

My feet are wet!

Next month will be here so fast! Just imagine how much more he'll be doing at 9 months!


  1. Yeah, they grow up too damn fast.

  2. But he is awfully cute.

  3. From 7 months to about 10 months was my absolute favorite baby age. They are so cute but not yet mobile!!


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