Fall 2012

The fall semester is underway - 10,000 new students have moved in at the Tempe campus, we have 74,000 students attending ASU this year, and the usual shenanigans have ensued.

Even though I've been back at work for 4 months already (!), I returned right at the end of the spring semester. I've spent the last 4 months in summer mode, so the onslaught of the new academic year is a bit more of a shock for me than usual. Perhaps, in my dazed state, I've agreed to a few more responsibilities that is wise, but I'm willing to give it a go. Here's what's on my docket this year:

  • Just got a super-kewl new responsibility - Game Collection Librarian! (or some less lame title as yet to be determined - any suggestions?) I'm not exactly sure what this means or how it'll work, but suffice to say, there's games what need buyin' and I'm the one to do it. For a bit more detail, there is a new Center for Games and Impact, as well as a number of faculty using games in their teaching and research at ASU. It's now my job to see how the library can support them. This is seriously one of my dream jobs, so I'm stupidly happy that I get to work on this. It'll be an uphill battle - there's no budget, lots of suspicion, a decree that I will not be buying games for circulation, and the game industry itself does not make it easy for libraries, but I'm game! (har har)
  • Just agreed to Chair the All-Libraries Retreat Planning Committee, scheduled for May 2013.
  • Am the Co-Chair for the 2014 MPLA Leadership Institute Planning Committee
  • Chair for the Librarians Assembly Compensation Committee
  • Will be on an as-yet-to-be-determined committee having to do with the ASU Digital Repository
  • Speaking of the repository - composing "About" and "how-to" materials
    • Working on communication plans
    • need to develop a workable plan for mediated deposit
  • Continuing as an Obama Scholar Mentor
  • Residency Classification Appeals Board chair
  • Plan Open Access Week activities in October (gulp!)
  • Giving 2 (!) presentations at the AzLA Conference in November
  • Continue doing licenses
  • Library Minutes (we're recording a new one next week!)
  • Schedule some new workshops for faculty and grad students on Copyright and Fair Use
  • And various and sundry other "duties as assigned" as well as a few tentative things - maybe doing a poster at ACRL if we think of something good and it's accepted.
Otherwise, I don't have any travel plans this year for conferences - AzLA will be less than a mile from my house this year. I might go to ACRL if things work out, but I'm honestly not holding my breath on that front.

In a nutshell, there's plenty to do this year. Chris will also start getting pretty busy over the next 2 months as his various groups start picking up again, so we'll both be juggling our responsibilities and caring for Elmer and each other. I feel so lucky that my supervisor and co-workers are so supportive - there's room for flexibility in my schedule, and very little that I can't do from pretty much anywhere. Elmer's always welcome for a visit, though we'll eventually have to settle down to work instead of jaunting around the library to show off.
Chilling at the library.

Let the wild rumpus begin!