7 Months Old!

Elmer was 7 months old this week! We haven't taken any measurements lately, but he's getting so big!
Visiting GovDocs

Fun things he's been doing this month:
He is talking so much - he says "ba-ba-ba", "da-da-da" and is practicing his embouchure for trumpet. He loves to smack his lips and make popping sounds. He likes to talk to himself, to his toys, to the cats, and to anyone else who'll listen.
Gramma having fun

He is such a good eater! He eats rice and wheat cereal, oatmeal, yogurt, avocado, banana, carrots, beans, spinach, peaches, strawberries.

He's getting very mobile! He rolls front to back, back to front (if he must), he sits, he can pedal himself around in circles, and he's working on pushing himself up onto his knees.
Play time!

Chris was just hired as the organist and choir director for St. Mark's, so now Elmer gets to help Father practice the organ.
Helping Father practice

And, of course, he just loves taking his bath!

Today, we went to Elmer's Tacos in Chandler for lunch - we've been wanting to go ever since we first heard about it. Elmer liked the horchata.
Elmer's Tacos