Earl Park Lake

For the third annual Perry family cabin trip, we went up to the White Mountains and rented a cabin right by Earl Park Lake. The Perrys used to have a cabin here as Chris and Peter were growing up, so there are a lot of fond memories.
Such a still lake

The weather was beautiful - cool, with a lovely mixture of rain and sun. We especially enjoyed taking Elmer on the longest walks we've done yet. He loves being outside!
So cute!

Snuggled up with Father

He loves the breeze!

Elmer also enjoyed being amused by his cousins.
After our first hike!

And Chris and I enjoyed having family around to watch Elmer a little so we could spend a little time meandering around the lake in the evenings.
Obligatory couple pose

Hawley Lake and Earl Park Lake are so beautiful - it's such a refreshing retreat from Phoenix in the midst of the summer heat.  I took lots of pictures, so see for yourself!


  1. How many people did the cabin fit?

  2. We had 12, counting Elmer. There is bed space for 13 (4 doubles, 5 twins).


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