Elmer's first trip

We went up to Flagstaff this past weekend to celebrate our 12th anniversary and attend my sister's wedding. It was a great opportunity to take Elmer on his first road trip and overnight stay! We drove up on Thursday afternoon and stayed until Sunday at the Arizona Mountain Inn. Chris worked there when he was attending NAU back in the early 90's, so it was a lot of fun for both of us to take a trip down memory lane. It was a beautiful weekend - the weather was perfect, and we went for some strolls (not exactly hikes) in the woods near the Inn, sat on our front porch quite a bit, took some naps, and generally relaxed. We enjoyed a nice dinner in the beer garden at Beaver Street Brewery.
Getting ready for our first hike!

Hiking with Father!

Ooo, pine cone!

Elmer handled the trip well - he did have a little trouble sleeping the first night at the cabin, but by the third night he was almost normal. He really enjoyed looking at all the trees and spending time outside.
Posing on the porch with Snoopy!

On Sunday, my sister Sabrina married her fiance, Collin. It was a nice wedding held at the Chapel of the Holy Dove just north of Flagstaff.

Standing in the woods!

We had a nice day with family before making the drive back to Phoenix. Elmer was well-behaved for the wedding and reception as always, despite a complete lack of naps during the day, but a 1 1/2 hour traffic delay heading home was just too much for him - he was totally exhausted and very upset by the time we got him home Sunday night. But he slept through the night, and has had many naps today to make up for such a busy weekend. He's very happy to be home!
Gimme that!

More pictures from the weekend are on Flickr.

Baptism pictures are still coming!