2 months!

We had our 2 month check up at the pediatrician today. Elmer had his first big barrage of vaccinations, but was a brave little boy and is now sporting Thor band-aids! Elmer weighs 9 pounds 1 ounce and is 23 inches tall. He's long and lean, just like his father!
Hanging w/Father

It's been an eventful couple of weeks. Elmer transitioned from the bassinet to the crib for night time sleeping. He has a great night-time routine, and only wakes up twice during the night.

He still doesn't nap much during the day, except in his swing.

He's getting much better at moving his arms and grasping at things - he still enjoys time on the floor looking at his ball and doing push ups with Mama.

Sometimes, the cats like to join in.

His favorite thing to do, though, is snuggle with Father and Mama and make faces! He has a very contagious smile, and has become a lot more vocal. He loves listening to Father whistle and likes to stand on his own two feet - with a little help from us for balance.
8 weeks old!

On St. Patrick's Day, Elmer hosted his first party. He was such a good baby, smiling and socializing with the guests, and then he went right to bed and slept through the evening. It was so nice to continue our annual tradition, and introduce Elmer to some of our friends for the first time.

After tomorrow, I only have 3 weeks of maternity leave left, so I'm starting to mentally prepare myself for going back to work. We're working on pumping more and trying to build up a little stockpile to help make the transition easier. I can't believe how fast this time is going - our little baby is getting so big!
Deep in thought


  1. The swing looks awesome. What kind did you get? I'm a little overwhelmed by all these baby accoutrements. :)


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