Elmer's first four weeks

Elmer will be one month old tomorrow! It's amazing how much has changed in these first four weeks.
(Elmer at 2 weeks.)

At the end of Elmer's second week, we were sleeping pretty well - I still needed a nap during the day, but Elmer was more than willing to oblige - he pretty much ate and slept, but would get pretty fussy between 6 and 11 PM. It was hard to get him to go to sleep before 11, but once he was down, he'd sleep for a good 3 hours at a time during the night, which was very nice for me.

The second week also brought Elmer's first real bath at home!

We also went to church for the first time - Elmer was so good and slept through the whole thing!

During the third week, we started getting braver and went on walks around the neighborhood and at the nearby park. Elmer sleeps well in the stroller, and it's good exercise for me! Also at the end of week 3, we moved Elmer's bassinet into his own room. He makes so much noise in his sleep that he was keeping us up even when he was sound asleep!
(Elmer at 3 weeks.)

During week 4, Elmer was more alert in the mornings, and we started having some floor time together. Elmer spends time on his belly and back, and I do push ups and my morning stretch. It's a nice routine.

I experimented with manipulating Elmer's schedule for Valentine's Day, which succeeded beyond my expectations - I woke him early, fed him, and got him back to sleep before dinner. Chris and I had a nice dinner at home without interruption, and then fed Elmer his nighttime meal while watching Breakfast at Tiffany's, one of our favorite movies. And then he went RIGHT BACK TO SLEEP! It was a lovely first Valentine's Day together as a family!
(Getting burped by Father on Valentine's Day)

Also during week 4, we had our first evening out! Elmer's Gramma Maughan and Aunt Lorraine babysat him while Chris and I went out to the annual Mesa City Band Banquet. Elmer was very good for his Gramma, and we had a nice time.

(Elmer at 4 weeks).

We've definitely learned a lot this past month! There's still a lot to learn, but we're definitely making progress.  We've started establishing a bedtime routine, which has smoothed out the evening for all of us. It's not perfect yet, and often ends with letting Elmer cry himself to sleep, but we all have a better night even so.  Now we're starting to figure out when Elmer needs to nap during the day and how we can best engage with him as he's awake and alert more and more. Today, we were both rewarded by real smiles from our son!