And the winner...

Olivia was spot on with both birthdate and gender!

Our son Elmer was born January 21 at 1:29 PM. Everything went great and we are all ecstatic to be home together as a family.

The cats are a little nonplussed, but are taking great interest in (and a wide berth around) this little guy.

Don't worry, there will be pics & probably gory details later, once we start figuring out the sleep thing a bit better.


  1. Congratulations and welcome home baby Elmer! I love birth stories, so I am looking forward to the gory details! :) Best wishes to you all (especially with the sleep).

  2. Hooray! I'm so happy Elmer made it here safely. I'm sure you've already been given a bunch of advice, but I just want to add in what I learned... Sleep when the baby sleeps! Even if it's at 2 in the afternoon or for only a half an hour, it will help.

  3. Gonna need to add mommy to your blogger profile...

    1. That's right! I'll make sure to do that.


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