Looking back on 2011

Today's my last day of work in 2011, so I'm continuing my tradition of taking a look at the previous year and taking stock of my successes and failures.

What a wonderful ride home: beautiful sunset & unexpected shower!

Looking back at 2011
This year flew by at an amazing pace. Our contracts specialist left at the end of January, and I was "temporarily" assigned her responsibilities as 40% of my position. This technically expires next month, but I am as yet unaware of plans to replace the position. However, this affected some of the goals I'd set for myself this past year, and I'm a little sad that I wasn't able to implement them.

I did accomplish quite a few things this year. I had an article published in College and Research Libraries News in May, chugged along on several committees, turned in my packet for promotion and continuing appointment, presented a workshop on Inbox Zero at the first ever all-libraries staff retreat, attended the Berlin 9 Open Access Conference, and managed to successfully plan another Arizona Library Association Annual Conference, completing my term as Conference Planning Co-Chair. My last big task for the year was to compose the ASU Libraries' response to the Office of Science and Technology Policies' Request for Information for Public Access to Peer-Reviewed Scholarly Publications Resulting from Federally Funded Research

Getting pregnant also threw me a bit this year - I lost momentum on the quilt, despite getting a new sewing machine. And a lot more of my focus has been on preparing for this next big stage in our lives. But I think I did do pretty well at better maintaining my relationships with family and friends. I actually quit Facebook back in June, have focused more on the people I care most about, and have had a lot of good times this year. I also quit World of Warcraft, but my social gaming has been mostly filled by a science fiction book club via Skype, and using Map Tool to play D&D, which has been a lot of fun. And while I never made an official resolution, I did learn how to make awesome hashbrowns this year!

Looking forward at 2012
This next year brings changes that are so far out of my usual scope of activity that I find it challenging to predict much of anything. Our baby is due at the end of January - when Goober arrives, I'll be taking 12 weeks of maternity leave from work. Professionally, I'm not planning on anything for the spring semester, and my job is somewhat in flux when I return, due to the previously mentioned contracts responsibilities as well as other, vague possibilities. Additionally, I won't receive notification about my promotion and continuing appointment until May. Because of all this uncertainty, I'm not making any professional goals until I return from leave, when I'll have a better idea of my position and priorities.

Personally, I'm looking forward to becoming a mother and adapting to having a child. I'm excited to see how our lives change, to meet this new little addition to our family. I'm curious to see how the cats react!
Aw yeah!

New Year's Resolutions?
My main focus will be on learning to be a mother and balancing that into my life. However, I do have one resolution as a request from Chris: to learn how to make Hollandaise sauce.

I'd also like to return to more regular blogging and photography, but we'll see how that plays out. I took far fewer pictures this last year, but I expect that the addition of a new subject will help inspire my camera.

Best wishes to all for a joyous 2012!