November Updates

This fall is flying by - I blinked and missed September, October was over before I knew it, and we're already midway through November! There are lots of things going on, so here's an update:

I just returned from the Berlin 9 Open Access Conference, held at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in Washington D.C. This was truly one of the best-run conferences I've ever attended, and the HHMI facility was  beautiful - not only was the campus gorgeous in full fall foliage, the auditorium was made for conferences: cushy armchairs, laptop tables, and lots of power outlets. I was terribly envious. I took tons of notes from all of the sessions, so a full conference recap will follow by the end of the week, hopefully. Once I kick this cold that I caught on my travels.

This was my first trip to Washington D.C., so I managed to take a little time on my last night in town to do a some sightseeing. I went on the "Monuments by Moonlight" tour, which was perfect for a tired, single pregnant lady wanting to explore DC safely and easily. I took many iPhone pictures, the full set is here.

The Arizona Library Association Annual Conference, for which I'm the conference planning co-chair, begins two weeks from today, so the majority of my attention will be focused on that for the rest of the month. Once that's through, however, I can take some deep breaths, pull myself together, and start taking care of all the things I have to do before I go on leave.

I'm at 30 weeks tomorrow, which is about midway through month 7. Coincidentally, month 8 begins around Thanksgiving, and month 9 at Christmas - easy to remember! According to my app, Goober is just under 3 pounds and about the size of a head of cabbage. This kid is very active, kicking and squirming away. S/he wasn't thrilled about flying, but seemed to find riding the Metro interesting. So far I'm doing fine, though definitely noticing a need to start slowing down some.

We're starting to plan for Goober's room, which will take over the computer room. The only computer in that room is mine, so I'm selling that and my HP mini and have purchased a brand new Samsung Series 7 Chronos laptop, which will be my home computer. It should arrive on Thursday - I can't wait! Anyway, we'll clear out the computer desks and finally paint that room, getting rid of that ridiculous sports border that the previous owners left. After that, we'll start moving in Goober's furniture: my old crib (repaired) and a dresser that belonged to Chris' grandmother that will double as a changing table. It'll be fun to get the room ready for our little one.

All this, combined with the Thanksgiving holiday, means a busy few weeks. Where did November go?