Pregnancy FAQs

I get asked these questions a lot, so I thought I'd share the answers here, especially for my friends who don't get to see me on a regular basis.

How are you feeling?
Feeling great, actually. I managed to keep up with everyone at our Disneyland trip last week (post & pics coming soon!), so I still have enough energy. I'm usually ready to go to bed by 9:30, which wasn't unusual pre-pregnancy, but the difference is now I'm really ready for bed.

When are you due?
January 25. So...right now I'm at 26/40 weeks, which is roughly the beginning of my 7th month. The month thing is actually pretty confusing to me since we commonly count a pregnancy term as 9 months, but the medical field counts it as 10.

Do you know/want to know the baby's gender?
It's a surprise! Actually, we do know, but we are keeping it a surprise for everyone else. I could go on a long rant about this if you like, but I'll refrain.

Do you have names picked out?
Not exactly. We've talked a little bit about names. I want uncommon names, Chris wants names that are versatile. We've discussed some possibilities, but are waiting until we meet the baby to name him/her. Currently, we're calling it Goober.

Do you feel the baby moving/kicking?
Yes, I do! So far, that's my favorite part about being pregnant. It really makes me realize that there's a whole other being in there, moving around independently. It's pretty fun. Goober kicks me a lot.

Are you still riding your bike?
Yes! And it feels good, so I'm going to keep doing it until I feel too uncomfortable or unsafe. I'm a little slower than I was, but otherwise, no complaints.

Do you get maternity leave?
I do - I'll be taking 12 weeks off to figure this whole new baby thing out. I'm sure I'll need it.

Are you planning to go back to work?
I was surprised to be asked this question - of course I will! I love my job, and Goober will be well-cared for by Chris most of the time. My schedule can be pretty flexible when needed, so we should be just fine.

Did I miss any?


  1. Hey, I'm glad to hear the answers to these questions. For some reason I didn't realize you were so far along.

    Regarding the difference in months: I always thought this was a bit odd, too. It turns out that you can't use that old standby rule "4 weeks = 1 month" when calculating gestation. This website has a really good explanation about the calculation, which I've found very helpful.

    Basically, human gestation is 9 months + 6 days, or 9.2 months, long. To get the months to work out correctly you have to assume 4.44 weeks = 1 month. That makes you...nearly six months along, which sounds right to me as you are just entering the third trimester. Prepare to get a little more tired in the evenings, probably. I had heartburn in both pregnancies from this point on; that acid just didn't want to stay where it oughta.

    Thanks for enlightening us!! :)

  2. Thanks, Kelly! That explanation was most helpful, especially the gestation calculator. I'll just stick to telling people weeks, though.

  3. You forgot to say what items you want or need (everything I am sure) for Goobers arrival. Also, are you going disposable or cloth?

  4. We are going cloth.

    We actually have most of the big stuff, thanks to hand-me-down generosity from many friends and family. It's hard to say what we really need-I welcome recommendations!


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