Fond Librarian Fantasies

I haven't mentioned it here before, but we are expecting our first child in January. It's been an interesting journey so far, to be sure.

Yesterday morning, while riding my bike to work, I was daydreaming, which is my usual bike-riding entertainment (along with avoiding being run down by daydreaming drivers). I dreamed of a conversation with my future child about discerning the difference between fact and opinion. In my dream, my little tow-headed offspring* and I talked about different examples of factual statements ("This is a cat. The cat is black.") and opinions ("I like the cat."). Then we played a little game identifying things that are factual and things that are opinion.

As I pulled up to the over-crowded bike racks and started maneuvering my bike among the poorly locked throng, my bitty librarian heart warmed - MY child will be information literate, by god!

*Obviously, Chris is blond and my hair didn't darken to brown until I was around 8. Our child is likely to be blond and doomed to wearing glasses at an early age.


  1. My four-year-old is currently learning the distinction between asking permission and asking for an opinion. He asks, "Should I get in the pool? Should I watch TV now?" instead of "May I?" or "Can I?" It's interesting to see how he learns and understands these kinds of details in our language.


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