Fall 2011

The new semester has begun: I've returned from all my vacations and cleared out my inbox. It's time to get focused on my tasks for this semester, so I thought I'd continue my tradition from years past and collate them all here:

  • Another year as an Obama Scholar Mentor and Mentor Liaison to 23 mentors
  • Also, a Residency Classification Appeals Board Chair
  • Teach 2 UNI 110 class sessions
  • Teach 2 sections of an ENG 102 class for 2 sessions
  • Work on the development of ASU Digital Repository: help provide information and solicit suggestions to other ASU librarians and selected faculty, compose user documentation, work on marketing information for the general release scheduled for January 2012, etc. etc.
  • Plan Open Access Week activities for October
  • Attend the Berlin 9 Conference in November, as well as COAPI meeting
  • Continue finalizing plans for this year's Arizona Library Association Conference (last year as Conference Planning Co-chair - huzzah!)
  • Handle any licensing agreements that turn up.
  • I really should get that Library Minute article written...will I be able to do that this semester? This seems doubtful.
  • My regular committee work: TOAD, Communications, Librarians Assembly
  • And, new Library Minute episodes!
So, it should be a busy semester, but I'm looking forward to kicking some ass and getting stuff done! If all goes according to plan, I'll be mostly done with everything on this list after the AzLA Conference ends on November 30, leaving December free to breathe and regroup.

Something I think is interesting, after reading some of my previous year's posts, is that I am really pretty happy and comfortable with where I am and what I am doing. I turned in my application packet for continuing appointment and promotion over the summer, and it seems to me that, despite all my whining and uncertainty in past years, this is part of the whole academic professional process and why we have these 6 (though really 5) years before we do go up for promotion. I think that I'm in the place I should be at this point in my career, and I think that's pretty awesome.