I got a new toy!

My wonderful mother-in-law helped me select and purchase a brand new sewing machine this weekend for my birthday! It's a Singer Stylist 7258, a well-reviewed model at a reasonable price.
I got a new toy!

While I already had a sewing machine, it is old and in much need of repair. Also, it doesn't do so many cool things! This baby is easy to set up and get busy sewing, and purrs like a kitten (unlike my old sewing machine, which roars like a lawnmower).

I put it through some paces yesterday working on the quilt. I thought I'd finished all my triangle blocks. Sadly, once I counted them, I realized that I need about 40 more blocks, which means I didn't cut out enough triangles!
More quilt blocks

That made me worried, so I counted out all my 9-patch blocks and matched up the pieces that still need to be put together. Yup, I'm about 20 blocks short for that as well!
Quilt blocks

Sadly, I'm out of the white corduroy, so I'll have some 9-patch blocks that'll be turquoise and purple. But hey, this is patchwork, baby! And with this new sewing machine, I'll have them put together in no time!


  1. Those piles of cut squares make me cry a little. Why not do strip piecing instead? It's so much faster. That being said, it's great to see the quilt evolving, and I hope you're enjoying the new toy.


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