Good morning!

It's such a beautiful morning today-clear blue sky, warm enough that I don't really need my jacket. I walked briskly to the bus stop hoping I hadn't miscalculated, like I usually do, the time it takes me to get there in time. For once, I was just right-the 48 pulled up a few minutes later.

It's nice to ride the bus sometimes, such a different experience from my usual commute. I like looking at the people, the sounds of the recorded voice announcing stops, the cordiality of this morning's driver as he wishes everyone a good morning. It really is a good morning! And I look forward to the more relaxed walk from Sun Devil Stadium to the library. Campus is beautiful on a March morning, I don't take the time to appreciate that often enough.


  1. I love March mornings, when the sun rises and everything starts warming and waking up. We have our share of sunny and warm days so I can totally relate to your story.


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