Blogging old and new

I've wanted to delete my Myspace account for quite some time, but I didn't want to lose all of my blog posts from there. After reading about some various archiving methods and not having success with any of them, I've been saving them, post by post, into Evernote. I'm back to December 2006 now, so there's less than a year left. (As a side note, Evernote works great! I'm tagging each post by month and year, and can capture any comments on my posts that remain.)

My MySpace blog was a very personal space for me. It was the criteria against which I made friend decisions - did I want this person to read my blog? If the answer was no, I wouldn't accept the friend request. I regarded that blog as a cross between a journal and a conversation with friends. It was nice to write for a select audience. But as Facebook took over, my friends all left MySpace. And I had no one to blog for. I'd always used my Facebook account for more of a professional network, so even if it had a better blogging interface, I wouldn't feel comfortable using it for that purpose.

As I've been archiving these posts, and as I'm writing this one, I've realized that what I enjoyed about MySpace was that there was no expectation for deep thoughts, excellent writing, or insights into librarianship/technology/politics or whatever. I just posted 5 minute thoughts, music videos, cat pictures, and quizzes. And I had a lot of fun doing that. I think that one of the things I've always struggled with about this blog was the sense that I should have something intelligent or profound to say, along with the knowledge that really, the other bloggers all do it better. I started this blog while I was still in library school and with the vague thought that I should create something professional, something that might get me into the biblioblogosphere and maybe help my career. I guess I never really wanted that, though, and I've never put forth the effort that would require. I don't have the focus to write consistently about librarianship, or any one topic. What I really want, I've realized, is to post about silly things - with the occasional rant thrown in when I feel like it. This isn't a professional blog, it's a personal one. 

How ridiculous that it's taken me 7 years to come to that realization! 

So, if you're reading, expect to see a change in the ol' place. I'll be blogging more for me and less for an audience - if you don't like it, feel free to move along.

And here's a cat picture on a gloomy Monday.


  1. Yay, blogging for you is primo. Amuse yourselves and then us. Sometimes it takes a bit of time to figure that out. Your blogs one of the ones I check after fb. Try and do with mine too. Though haven't looked at it in eons.


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