Last week, I started my third attempt at the One Hundred Push ups program. The goal is to increase your strength and stamina so that, at the end of six weeks, you can do 100 push ups at once. I typically get stuck on week 4, which is really hard. I think I start to lose my concentration around 30 push ups. And I think the fact that I really don't care about doing 100 push ups all at once has something to do with it. I really enjoy the program, though, and this time I have a few friends doing it with me. Shannon, in particular, will push through to the end, and maybe that will motivate me as well. Today I did 71 push ups! (Week 2, day 2, track 3).

Since I talked Shannon into doing push ups, he challenged me to join him on the Two Hundred Squats program. We're alternating days - push ups on M-W-F and squats on T-TH-Sat. "No problem," I thought, "I'm stellar at squats." I jumped in yesterday for week 1, day 1, track 3, without doing the fitness test. I knew I could easily do over 21 squats. So yesterday I did 60 squats. Today, I'm really feeling it...and in some unexpected places.

I've almost always done my fitness things alone - it's fun to have some friends to challenge and motivate you to keep going, even if it's virtually. Thanks!