What I do these days

Our contracts specialist left us recently for the wilds of private practice. Due to the craziness that controls the state budget (and consequently, the university budget), we aren't filling the position. So guess who is now doing contracts for the library?

Yup, me.

It's not so bad, though. I have an official interim appointment, and revised my position description to include the new responsibilities, and dump some other things. This is officially only supposed to take up 40% of my time, but the nature of contracts is they need to get done - I can't just stop half way through. At this point, I'm still figuring out how to anticipate the whole workflow, and how it fits into my time management. While I'd been hoping to start some new projects this semester, at least this work is interesting, and I'm gaining some valuable skills. And I definitely won't get bored!

I thought I'd post my actual newly-revised position summary:

Under the direction of the Chief Officer for Collections and Scholarly Communications, the Assistant Collections and Scholarly Communication Librarian assists in coordinating and facilitating development of collections, in all formats, in the University Libraries. She works with librarians, faculty, vendors, and publishers as needed to facilitate a dynamic library collection that serves the curricula and research of the University. She monitors and shares current developments in scholarly communication, open access, institutional repositories, and related legislative initiatives, and assists in the development and maintenance of the ASU Digital Repository. As a member of the Collections and Scholarly Communications Office, she works collaboratively with colleagues to advance the University Libraries' strategic plan.

Until a permanent appointment has been made, the Assistant Collections and Scholarly Communications Librarian will also support the licensing program to provide access to electronic resources for the University Libraries. In consultation with university General Counsel, she is responsible for revising, negotiating and processing electronic resources license agreements and other related documentation. She helps to resolve alleged contract breaches. Finally, she maintains an understanding of rights management, how it applies to the university community, and answers questions or provides referrals as needed.
Sounds fun, doesn't it? Good thing I like my job!


  1. It is very cool to see a description of what you do. Thanks for sharing that with us!

    I sat through a sales meeting yesterday with someone from a charitable education trust, and one statement she made (somewhat unrelated to the trust) was that we never really understand someone's job from its title, or from our preconceived notions of what someone in that job actually does. The position summary you posted certainly goes a long way towards helping me, at least, understand more about what you do.

    Rights management and license agreements are sticky areas which most people seek to avoid, so I have no doubt that you are making yourself indispensable by maintaining some responsibility in these areas!


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