Introducing the quilt

One of my New Year's Resolutions is to sew more - specifically, finish a quilt I started over a year ago. My friend Shilo suggested I take pictures, and I thought that was a great idea, so here's an introduction to the quilt.

When I was in high school, I participated in the Society for Creative Anachronism and had a significant collection of pseudo-medieval costumes. Once I went away to college, my interest in those activities waned, but I still loved the costumes and have packed them around with me for years. For the past 10 years or so, they have just sat in our shed, being occasionally used for Halloween costumes, but mostly just taking up space.

Last year, I decided I would make a quilt out of several of the costumes. Well, not exactly a quilt - I don't intend to do the actual quilting. I'm essentially making a patchwork duvet. The finished product will, hopefully, become a new cover for our fraying-at-the-edges comforter. My mom and aunt helped me plan out the pattern and cut up all the pieces. We were on a roll for a while, but lost steam after a few months. My sewing machine is inherited from my great-grandmother and is a bit temperamental due to its age. So the quilt pieces have just been doing what they do best - take up space in the closet.

As my resolution, I plan to spend time on the quilt at least one Sunday each month, aiming to finish it by the end of December 2011. Since it's the last Sunday in January, I figured I'd better get started. I focused on sewing up a specific group of squares, and make a definite dent in the amount of little pieces lying around. Still lots to do, but it was fun to complete a concrete goal.

I also laid out some of the squares that we'd already completed, to get a vague idea of what it will eventually look like. Check it out:

(high school friends may recognize the ol' turquoise cloak in there)

I'm following a starry nine-patch quilt pattern. We'll see if it turns out the way I plan!


  1. The quilt is really nice. I wish I could make things like that but I am hopeless, in fact downright dangerous with needles.It would be a waste of good material!

  2. I'm a former quilter (you might remember from HS), so I'm really pleased to see you get so crafty and to know that the SCA gear is serving a new purpose. Don't be put off of the actual quilting, though; you can do it with a sewing machine - even a tempermental one - with nothing more than a special foot which is inexpensive (a "walking foot"). You don't have to quilt in a design; you can "stitch in the ditch" (quilt along some/many of your piecing seams) and it will turn out lovely.

    My mom is a great source of help, if you want some more technical quilting advice. I'm sure she'd love to help.

  3. And...that starry nine-patch pattern you linked is from the Quilt Whangarei website! You know where Whangarei is, don't you? ;) Props to NZ!


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