It's a good life

This morning I was struck with how wonderful my life is, and how grateful I am to have so much joy. It's been one of those weeks where it seems everything works together to remind you how lucky you are. I love weeks like that.

The marimba pachanga concert was Wednesday and we had a great time! I enjoyed playing with this group this semester so much, they were very talented and eager to play. There were so many people in the group that I got to dance with my nieces for a couple of songs, and I loved sharing that with them.

Autumn finally settled in permanently - two weeks ago I was wearing sandals, today I'm wearing socks and slippers. Daphne and I went to the Desert Botanical Gardens on Thursday and reveled in the sun, the cool air, plants and butterflies.

I'm so proud of Chris. I love all the things he's working on, and I love seeing him so energized and happy with his work. If you haven't checked out his webpage, you should - I think it's really great.  I saw him play with Swing Memories on Thursday and was blown away by this band, and truly touched by the response from their audience on Veteran's Day.
The piano man

I'm so content and happy with my home and my work right now. It's good to focus on these things, the things that make life real and complete. I need to remember to do that more often.
Earth Spirit Walking