Arizona Ballot - Offices, part 2

Okay, let's wrap this baby up and get it in the mail tomorrow! It's starting to get a little close for comfort to make sure it gets in to the County Recorder's office by Tuesday.

State Representative - District 16:

State Treasurer:
  • Andrei Cherny - I like his credentials and his priorities. While Doug Ducey seems perfectly competent and reasonable, I am intrigued by some of Cherny's ideas, and I think this is a time for innovation. I'll be interested to see what happens if he wins this race. Thane Eichenauer has some interesting results on Google, but not interesting in any way that would inspire me to vote for him, but at least Thomas Meadows has a website.
State Mine Inspector
  • Manuel Cruz: while I have no objection to the incumbent, Joe Hart, I prefer Cruz's emphasis on experience and complying with environmental regulations.
Corporate Commissioner:
  • David Bradley. There are 2 seats open on the Commission, but the other Democratic Candidate, Jorge Luis Garcia passed away unexpectedly. I would have voted for him, and now I can't find a second choice. The incumbent, Gary Pierce, wants to sue the EPA to reverse its ruling that CO2 is a pollutant (because of ClimateGate). And Brenda Burns has no useful information to give about herself on her website other than her being a conservative Republican. Just who I want in charge of regulating transportation and energy. Rick Fowlkes is the only other real candidate, but I'm not sure I'm in favor of so much deregulation.
That's all I'm going to cover here - the rest of the ballot are county positions (such as Central AZ Water Conservation District) and judicial review. That would take me forever to blog, so you're all on your own there.

Don't forget to mail in your ballots asap, or go and vote next Tuesday!