Arizona Ballot 2010 - Offices (part 1)

It's been a helluva day at work, so today I'm going to focus on the no-brainers for me - positions I've already decided and will not do further research.

U.S. Senator:

  • Rodney Glassman - I've voted for John McCain in the past, but ever since his presidential campaign and subsequent abandoning of everything he'd ever done to earn my respect, he will not be getting my vote. Plus, Rodney's singing his stump speech to "Sweet Home, Arizona." What more do you need?
U.S. Representative:
  • Ed Pastor - he's the incumbent and I've been pleased to have him represent our district for years.  I think he's awesome!
  • Terry Goddard - Jan Brewer is just appalling. I didn't like her for Secretary of State back in 2006, and I think her performance as Governor since Janet left has served only to reinforce that opinion. Her debate performance was nationally humiliating. Barry Hess is too over the top for me, and Larry Gist makes me wonder whether he's seriously running. Terry has the chops, I think, and I really hope he wins.
State Senator, District 16:
Secretary of State:
  • Chris Deschene - I prefer him over the incumbent, Ken Bennett.  Chris seems to be an outstanding candidate, I'm really interested to see how he'd do. Ken follows too closely in Jan Brewer's footsteps for my taste. 
Attorney General:
  • Felicia Rotellini - I was really impressed with what I read about Felicia when researching for the primaries. Here she has the advantage in that I've detested Tom Horne in his role as Superintendent of Public Instruction for years. I wouldn't vote for him for any office.
Superintendent of Public Instruction:
  • Penny Kotterman - I actually don't think John Huppenthal is all that bad, but I prefer someone in charge of public instruction who actually has some classroom experience. Education is an issue near and dear to my heart, and I don't think you can really make the best decisions about how to improve it without having been a teacher.
Okay, the rest require research and thought, so I'll post this weekend. Meanwhile, I have a new computer, Patch 4.0.1, and Hallow's End is calling.