iPhone 4 - one week in

Kelly asked, and she shall receive an iPhone 4 review. Before I get to that, though, I just want to mention one thing.  I'm transferring my iTunes library from my PC to my laptop because, get this, my netbook has more memory than my 5-year old PC. In fact, my new iPhone has half as much memory as my PC.  I know that's not so unusual these days, but considering my PC was an uber-l33t fast gaming machine when I first got it, I am feeling just a bit sorry for it.  It's still pretty l33t, but I'll probably need to do some upgrades when Cataclysm comes out...

Anyway, on the iPhone 4 review.  I upgraded from the original generation iPhone, so I am definitely experiencing a larger leap than those who upgraded from the 3G or 3GS.  Also, my old phone was starting to have some serious glitches and very poor battery life.  I was very happy with my upgrading experience - while I faced preordering blues on June 15th due to AT&T's lazy servers, my order finally went through in the Apple Store around 4:30.  I was able to select all my new contract options, downgraded to the cheap data plan ($15/month for 200 MB - my usage doesn't warrant  paying $40 for the unlimited plan!), and got an email confirmation by the next morning.  My phone actually arrived one day early, on June 23rd, and I simply plugged it into iTunes and it activated without problem.  Very nice.

I like the sleek physical design of the new iPhone, though the hard corners take a little getting used to after the rounded iPhones of the past. It's slightly heavier than the old iPhone too, but you wouldn't notice unless you were specifically comparing it.  The screen display is awesome, the increased resolution is just fantastic.  Text looks so crisp!  The battery life is also a huge improvement. My only complaint bout appearance is that the glossy glass shows fingerprints very easily, on the front and back.  This drives me crazy, I'm constantly wiping the thing down.  This may drive me to buy a case for the darn thing, something I never did for my old iPhone.

Of course, there has been a lot of hype regarding reception problems with the iPhone 4. I haven't really experienced any problems, but I make calls so rarely that I might not notice.  I have noticed that the bars seem to report a lower level of reception quality at home and in my office (which is underground and has spotty reception even with the best of networks), but Chris pointed me to an article which says that the bars aren't necessarily an accurate reporting of reception quality anyway, and Apple announced yesterday their intention to release a software fix.  On Thursday, it said it was searching for a network for several hours while I was at work, but after I rebooted the phone, it popped up with 4 bars.  Go figure.  On the bright side, the call clarity is definitely improved from my old phone, so I really don't have any complaints.

The camera is pretty cool, it's nice to have a flash again (my old HTC 8125 had a flash).  The zoom feature is new for me, and it fun to play with. The front camera is also a nice addition. I'm not much of a video person, so I haven't really experimented with the video camera or editing, and I doubt I will.

Otherwise, I really like the iOS4 improvements - the folder organization is very appealing and reduces the number of screens needed for my applications. The processing performance is lightning fast in comparison to my old phone - web pages load immediately, no more long waiting times for apps to open.  I like knowing that multitasking is now available, but that hasn't actually come up yet for me. The new multitask menu bar is nice, though, enabling me to switch between apps without having to return to the home screen. I just need to remember to use it more often - old habits are hard to break!

That's about all I can intelligently in a review, but I definitely recommend Anandtech's in-depth review.  Overall, I'm very pleased with the new phone, and happy I decided to go with the iPhone 4.  Now I just need to make up my mind about a case. And decide what to do with my old phone!


  1. Umm. I am one paragraph in, and I can't resist: when you are referring to your new netbook's memory, do you really mean its hard drive capacity? Otherwise, iTunes library size has nothing to do with the amount of RAM that your computer has.

    Sorry, couldn't stop myself.

  2. Thanks for the iPhone 4 review. It's nice to know that you are happy with your decision/purchase and that the phone is keeping you satisfied. I had a honeymoon of about two months with my current phone. Don't forget to try some cool new tech (at least in my book) like Amazon's Kindle app - something I have been playing with this week since the Android version was just released.

    I predict you will use the multitasking capabilities soon enough. I use Gmail and Twitter in the background on my phone and I receive notifications when I get anything new through either of those sites. That'll be a likely place where you might find yourself multitasking soon.

    Hrm, are there any cool alternative uses for old iPhones? I'm always reminded of the classic Macintosh-as-fishbowl project, but iPhones are a bit small for that.

  3. @Kelly #1 - whatever. ;-)

    I have the Kindle app, which syncs with my Kindle. I rarely use it though.


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