Summer vacation

It's been our tradition the last few years to take a little trip at the end of Chris' school year to celebrate our anniversary and the beginning of summer break. This has been a hard year for both of us, so instead of our usual exploration of a town in Arizona, I rented a forest service cabin near Alpine. I figured a couple of days hiding out in the woods would be good for us.

It was a beautiful couple of days - the cabin was just right, the weather was perfect, and we both love Arizona's high country.  The only thing that marred our trip was the chest cold that we both caught the weekend before we left.  We didn't feel that bad, but we both had coughs so didn't hike around as much as we might have if we hadn't been sick.

We were still happy to get back on Wednesday.  We missed our house, our bed, and the cats. I took the rest of the week off, so we've both been relaxing for the last few days.  I got rid of a bunch of junk in the house, the new dining set arrived and was constructed, the old set hauled over to my mom's for restoration, and several thousand zombies were slain.  It's been a good vacation, and only the first of the summer!
New Dining Set

I'm looking forward to a few other trips in the next two months, but I'm also glad that we'll be taking it easy most of the time.  All the construction last year made the summer seem pretty hectic - it's nice that we don't have any big projects this year.


  1. The new table set is nice. I was just recently thinking about peoples' homes and how they stay the same. Great choice on hiding out, because I love being in the middle of nowhere by myself.

    I read Graceling recently. I'm curious to what you think of it. I'll tell you what I think when you are done.

  2. Ooh, shiny. It like matches and all. Yay, home improvements.

  3. Kimkipling, I'd love to talk about Graceling with you. I finished it a while ago!


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