Oh the gadgets, part two

Chris and I were discussing yesterday's post this morning, and he told me that if I liked Android so much, I should just get an Android phone instead of feeling guilty about getting an iPhone.

The thing is, after writing yesterday's post, I'd made up my mind that I really did just want an iPhone 4. When Chris first got his iPhone (the one I currently have), I was envious of its usability and design. Even though I loved my HTC 8125, it was often a pain to use and I barely touched even half of its capability.  Ever since I've been using the iPhone, I've really liked it.  I like how easy it is to use.  I like how pretty it is.  I like almost everything about it.  And most of the things I don't like will be resolved in the new iPhone, such as multitasking, multiple Exchange accounts, better battery life, more memory, etc. And it's so pretty!

I'm easily swayed by posts like this from Gizmodo and CNET, but when it comes down to it, I just want a phone that does what I want without lots of fiddling, without having to do lots of maintenance, and that is fun and kewl.  None of the things the tech pundits say Android does better than iOS really affect the way I use my phone.
 (From GraphJam, thanks to Sydni!)

I'll keep all my technogeekery to my computer, where I don't mind having to fiddle with things sometimes, but won't be crippled if I screw something up (because I have two other computers to play with).  And I'll be an unabashed iPhone 4 fangirl!


  1. You're like two gadgets ahead of me. And yes, I probably need an upgrade. I like the Palm Pre and I don't know why exactly.

  2. And yes, super true about the apple thing.


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