Oh the gadgets, how they call to me

I've been using an original generation iPhone now since Chris handed his down to me last summer (he bought an iPhone 3GS).  Since my brief foray into having a regular phone, I have decided that I definitely prefer having a smartphone.  I like email on the go, I love web surfing, I love the apps, I love them all!  However, the old gen1 is just getting too slow and unreliable.  It crashes repeatedly whenever I really want to use it, like when I'm out of town.  So, I decided that I'm going to upgrade this year.

Yesterday, I watched with bated breath as Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone 4.  Oh, it's pretty!  Oh, it's shiny! Oh, it's so speedy!  I wants it!

But, I admit, I struggle against Apple's lure.  Philosophically, I want to support Android - I like open source.  Android is more robust.  It supports innovation, and it's not tied to just one company (Apple).  It does lots of cool things, more things, in fact, than the iPhone OS can do.  Even the new iOS4 will still be catching up to Android 2.2.  Though, as always, Apple software usually just works, and upgrades happen in a controlled environment.  Android has all sorts of bugs and I'll always have to remember to upgrade.

I'm not sure I can resist the iPhone 4 though.  I'll be eligible for the upgrade, and can preorder next week.  AT&T doesn't currently support any Android phones worth mentioning - rumor has it the HTC Liberty may be the next Android phone to come to their network, but this has yet to be confirmed.  I loved my last HTC, my precious, but who knows when information about this phone will actually come out, when it will be available, and none of the information so far indicates that this will be such a super cool phone it would tempt me from the iPhone 4.

On the other hand, I've been looking at other cool phones, but they would all mean switching networks.  Which means waiting until my AT&T contract expires in November.  Which is too long.  But I haven't ruled out going for the Droid Incredible or the Nexus One, or even Motorola's Droid (because I like a hardware keyboard).

When all's said and done, though, I'll probably get the iPhone 4. It's the easiest option, and certainly not a bitter pill to swallow.